Seemab Zaheera


A human being is not mere physical body: The intellect, emotion and spirit are intangible factors or facets that make a complete picture of a person. However, many do believe and declare that the powers of the astral body can rule over the physical, intellectual, psychic and spiritual components.

Some call is science while others refute. Seemab's fasciation for the zodiac signs roots from Linda Goodman's love signs, a teenage preoccupation for many youngsters. Particularly when one is at cross roads of life, what, who, whither, when, why and how are questions to which this book is a back up reference.

During her last show, journalists quizzed her on what her theme would be for the next show, she said 'I don't know'. The last show, a sequence of months of deliberations with her guru, emotional and intellectual analysis of youth today with the impact of media.

Uncertainties  and a state of disquiet leads her to toy with zodiac signs which in turns results in the synthesis of forms and colours. 

A chance reading of "Different ways of 2D designs" by Wucius Wong helped contribute to the abstraction of zodiac signs symbols conceived in the Antiquity.

 The whole idea unfolded in interesting forms camouflaged in multi-coloured compositions. The linear patterning contours analogous tones of warm and cool colours creating a bewildering maze or a jigsaw puzzle effect.

 Each zodiac sign is codified with symbols of the presiding constellation and the ruling planet, furthermore, the powers of the sun and the moon are interpreted as traits of the personality, character and spirit.


 Late Mrs. Chandra Ilango, Former Lecturer, Dept. of French, Stella Maris College, Chennai