Ant Series Ant Series Old no. 73 2ft x 2.5ft Acrylic on canvas I come from a huge family on maternal and paternal side. My paternal family house was located at Gandhinagar Adyar, 2nd Main Road, Old number 73. In Chennai, the house numbers always have an old number and a new number. Since, the number keeps getting changed, it is always advisable to have both the numbers written on the wall to help people find the house, especially the postman. Here I do not have a new number as the old house has since been demolished and a newer more contemporary apartment complex has been built in its place. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't possibly revisit the old house. In this painting, I denote all the memories which I have of that house as an old worn out wall growing moss and getting cracked with time. There is an old key but no door to open it with. That is all that is left of one half of my childhood, memories lingering and fading. 199450163 The Test 2ft x 2.5ft Acrylic on canvas Every minute of our life is a test. When we think we have given it our best, something or the other comes our way and we are able to surpass what we feel to be the worst, learning something new about ourselves. What we thought to be our best was not it, we are capable of so much more! 205648995 Sarah (Flight to Glory) - Sold 2ft x 3.5ft Oil on canvas This painting was requested by a gentleman who wanted to celebrate his wife, a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force (the background is the stripes worn on the sleeves of the suit). As much as a woman is capable in achieving what she sets her mind on, having a supportive partner is a blessing. This blessing has been denoted through the light shining from behind the Winged Goddess of Victory, Nike, towards the tiny ant climbing greater heights. 205648992 David & Goliath 2.5ft x 2ft Acrylic on canvas Things arn't always what they seem. In this painting the famed role of David and Goliath are reversed. David post conquering Goliath, stands arrogantly facing the ant who is literally the strongest creature on earth yet not possessing an ounce of pride or arrogance. It goes by it's day to day life, working hard, always being part of the team. Makes you wonder now, who is David and who is Goliath. 205648994 Sorrow/Thirst 2ft x 2.5ft Oil and Acrylic on Canvas Mother Mary mourns the loss of her son, Jesus. A tear trickles down her face which quenches the thirst of the ant. There are always two sides to a story, you just have to look for it. 205648993 Broken Sleep 2.5ft x 3ft Acrylic on canvas In Broken Sleep I talk about how reality is. The actual reality vs perceived reality. The cactus in the background speaks of all the thoughts which prick our minds, not allowing us any peace. However, the mirror reflects an alternate truth. There isn't a broken bed, but a path which leads to somewhere better. The ants seem to like wherever it is they are frolicking towards. 199450162 Locked Within 4ft x 3ft Acrylic on Canvas Many a times we tend to be blocked for no reason whatsoever and we look everywhere for a breakthrough for that release to leave this monotony that we are stuck in. However, we do not realize that this block is self-inflicted, we have the key in our own hands but our mind is not able to see. 205649006 Facing the Music 2.5 ft x 3 ft 42687564 Journey 2.5 ft x 3 ft 42687561 Untitled - Sold 2.5 ft x 3 ft 42687565 Home 3ft x 4ft Acrylic on Canvas 42687562 Frolic 4ft x 3ft 42687563 Ants - Sold Commissioned work 5ft x 2.5ft 61484027